American President Joe Biden earlier called for paying $100 to every American vaccinated against coronavirus.

The US Treasury Department has allowed the funds allocated to combat the coronavirus pandemic and its economic consequences to be used to stimulate vaccination, including payments to vaccinated citizens. This is stated in a statement of the US Treasury Department, published on its website on Thursday.

Earlier, American President Joe Biden called for paying $100 to every American vaccinated against coronavirus.

The US Ministry of Finance statement notes that within the framework of the American Rescue Plan program, “a historic $350 billion was allocated to help states, territorial and local authorities respond to the pandemic and its negative economic consequences.” It is noted that programs that encourage Americans to get vaccinated can be financed from these funds.

The department also said that it is ready to provide technical assistance to state and local governments to effectively use funds to stimulate vaccination, including allocating $100 for each vaccinated American, as Biden proposed.

In addition, the Ministry of Finance announced its readiness to compensate employers for the time used for vaccination of employees and their family members or the time spent on recovery after vaccination.

The $1.9 trillion short-term assistance program proposed by the US authorities in January was called the American Rescue Plan. In particular, it provides for the allocation of $1 trillion to assist the population, about $400 billion -directly to combat the pandemic.