The US will continue to look for ways to block the “Nord stream- 2” project

Denmark this week removed one of the last obstacles to the project.

WASHINGTON – The United States said it continues to look for ways to block the construction of a gas pipeline between Russia and Germany after the Danish government removed one of the last legal obstacles to the “Nord stream- 2” project this week.

“The Department of energy is convinced that the ‘Nord-stream 2″ project threatens the energy security and national security of US allies in Europe and strengthens Russia’s control over the energy supply system in the region,” the official said.

“The United States will continue to review all available tools regarding this project –” he added. “All options are being considered.”

Denmark’s energy Ministry on Wednesday announced it would allow the pipeline to pass through its exclusive economic zone, saying it was “obliged to allow the construction of transit pipelines” under the UN Convention on the law of the sea.

Edward Chow, an expert in the energy and national security program at the Center for strategic and international studies, notes that Denmark had no other choice.

The decision was “a routine administrative procedure in accordance with Danish law and its international obligations,” he explained, recalling that a similar decision was received last week on the gas pipeline from Norway to Poland.

“These decisions are based on environmental and safety criteria,” the expert added.

However, Margarita Assenova of the Washington-based Jamestown Foundation notes that the completion of the “Nord- stream 2” project is still in question, despite the Danish decision.

According to her, the permit takes effect only in a month, which gives time to try to appeal or slow down the process.

As Assenova reminds, the European Commission can create new obstacles to the project in accordance with the EU Gas Directive, which regulates the domestic gas market.

In April, the document was amended to apply to pipelines from third countries.

The US Congress is also considering imposing new sanctions on ships laying pipes as part of the project.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz this week urged the Senate to pass the bill as soon as possible to “stop the construction of this pipeline and deprive Putin of the resources to bolster his expansionism and military aggression.”

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