The US threatened France, Germany and the UK with possible consequences for trade with Iran, bypassing us sanctions, Bloomberg writes.

According to the publication, the White House is dissatisfied with Instex mechanism, which was created jointly by the three countries to continue trade with Iran. The principle of its operation is not yet fully clear. It is known that for the first time allowed humanitarian goods will be delivered to Iran through it.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin sent a letter to the head of the company Instex SAS, registered in Paris at the same address with the French Ministry of Finance, Peru Fisher. It says that the continuation of trade with Tehran may entail “serious consequences” up to the loss of access to the US financial system.
Mnuchin suggested the organizers of Instex carefully consider the impact of sanctions on the mechanism. Also, according to him, the punishment for cooperation with Iran can be applied to any country or to individual companies.

The US imposed sanctions on Iran last year after the withdrawal from the nuclear deal on the initiative of President Donald Trump. Restrictions, in particular, provide for a ban on oil exports from Iran, as well as on dollar operations of the local Central Bank.