PRAGUE – Washington has significantly reduced the price of helicopters for the Czech air force, which it plans to purchase from American companies. This was reported to journalists by the Minister of Defense of the Republic Lubomir Metnar.

“The US Ambassador to the Czech Republic on Monday gave me an official price offer from the US government,” he said. “We were asked to choose from two options: buy 12 multi-purpose black Hawk helicopters of UH-60 models for $589.9 million or eight multi-purpose uh-1 Venom helicopters and four Ah-1 Viper attack helicopters for $645.9 million.”

Representatives of the Czech Ministry of Defense previously reported that Washington estimated the upcoming contract at $800 million. Thus, its value is reduced by more than $100 million.

The received price offer, as the Minister, stressed, provides for the supply of helicopters with weapons systems installed on them and full technical equipment. In addition, it includes training of crews and maintenance of rotorcraft.

The Czech government intends to conclude a contract for the purchase of American helicopters without a tender. In Prague, they do not hide that they would like to “optimize” its cost to $550 million.

Experts of the Czech Defense Ministry in the near future will decide which rotorcraft will be bought in the United States. Deliveries of helicopters will be carried out by Bell Helicopter and General Electric companies.