The national constituent Assembly of Venezuela called on the European community to reject interventionism and called the recent expansion of sanctions against the Republic’s leadership shameful and immoral.

“The European Parliament resolution 2019/295, approved on July 10, is a shameful and immoral document prepared by far-right elites who, under the criminal instructions of the United States government, abuse their parliamentary powers to legitimize criminal aggression against the people of Venezuela,” reads the text of the Parliament’s statement published by Extra Venezuela.
On behalf of the voters, the deputies appealed to European lawmakers, politicians, and citizens to stop support from European countries for the “war of extermination that is being waged against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.”

According to the parliamentarians, the document legalizes the economic blockade that closes access even to essential goods, opens the possibility of a new withdrawal of state resources, and justifies what has already happened, as well as hinders the peaceful and democratic development of Venezuela.

At the end of June, the EU Council expanded the list of Venezuelan officials subject to restrictive measures “because of

their role in actions and decisions that undermine democracy and the rule of law in Venezuela” and added 11 names to it. Now there are 36 people on the list. EU restrictive measures against Venezuela were introduced in November 2017. They include an arms embargo, as well as travel bans and asset freezes against some Venezuelan officials. On July 8, Switzerland joined these sanctions.