As President Joe Biden said, the right to vote “is being attacked with incredible intensity.”

US Vice President Kamala Harris will be responsible for protecting and ensuring the voting rights of Americans. This was stated by President Joe Biden, speaking in Tulsa (Oklahoma). His speech was broadcast by American news broadcasters.

The Head of State touched upon the problems of protecting the electoral right in the country. “To highlight the importance of [this issue], today I asked Vice President Harris to help lead this effort,” the White House host said.

He stressed that “this sacred [electoral] right is being attacked with an incredible intensity” that he has never seen before. Biden called on voting rights organizations to “redouble their efforts to register and educate voters.”

“President Joe Biden has asked me to help lead our administration’s efforts to protect the fundamental voting rights of all Americans,” Harris said in a statement, saying she would work “with community organizations and the private sector to protect voting rights across the country.” Earlier, Biden instructed her to deal with the migration problems on the US-Mexico border, as well as the issue of access to broadband for Americans.