The recorder is located in a specialized facility in Washington.

The voice recorder of the passenger Boeing 737, which crashed on March 21 in the south of China, is located in the United States. This information was confirmed to Reuters by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), whose specialists had previously traveled to China to participate in the investigation of the crash.

The Council told the agency that the recorder is currently in a specialized facility in Washington. According to Reuters, “The NTSB is assisting the Civil Aviation Administration of China in decoding the recorder <…> in a lab in Washington.” The agency does not specify whether Chinese specialists are present during this process. It is also unclear when and under what circumstances the device was transported from the plane to the United States.

Earlier, the Chinese side invited experts from the NTSB to take part in the investigation of the Boeing crash. The American agency announced a week later that it had accepted the offer.

The cockpit voice recorder (CVR) of the crashed aircraft was discovered on March 23. The surface of the device was badly damaged, but the memory section was intact. Initially, he was taken to Beijing to decrypt the data. On March 27, China Central Television reported that rescuers managed to find a second black box.