The weather today live and local forecast

The weather today live and local forecast

Weather today

Everyone wants to know the weather in advance because it is very convenient. This knowledge helps us choose the right clothes in which we will feel comfortable, and at the same time, they can be used to plan things.


The weather changes by leaps and bounds, so it is important to be aware of its changes. On the Free News site, you will find the weather for your location, as well as the weather for the next few days.

Watch the weather for tomorrow.

The automatic weather station recalculates the weather forecast hourly and corrects it if necessary. The weather forecast is valid for a radius of up to 50 km from the location of the automatic weather station. The probability of the forecast is about 75%. Approximately 75 out of 100 forecasts are justified.

Weather forecast

People have always been engaged in observing the weather, as well as making forecasts. In the modern world, forecasters make weather forecasts who receive data for analysis from a weather station. In most cases, observations are made from space, and the results are sent to earth to the world’s meteorological centers. There are 3 such centers on our planet, and they are located in the capitals of the states of Russia, the United States, and Australia. Synoptic maps and weather forecasts are generated here. Speaking of synoptic maps, it is necessary to highlight the main symbols that are used there.

Reasons for weather changes

Its condition characterizes the weather. In geography, there are two main weather conditions:

* Stability. The weather is considered stable if the weather remains approximately the same for several days.

* Variability. This is probably the main feature of the weather, because very often, even within the same day, the weather can be very different. For example, in the morning it is cold, and in the afternoon it is warm. Or in the first half of the day, the south wind blows, and in the second half of the day, the north wind begins to blow. In the first half of the day, it was sunny; it rained in the second half of the day. These are all signs of variability.

Variability is not a universal characteristic since the weather can change in the context of the day, in the season, in the year, etc.