For the last six months, 30-year-old Abel Tesfaye starred in music videos and appeared on the red carpet in a very unusual way: the artist’s entire face was covered with bandages, bruises, and cuts were visible under them.

The final point of the performance was the music video Save Your Tears, in which The Weeknd shocked viewers with a completely new image, which a plastic surgeon clearly worked on. And although the artist from the very beginning made it clear that this was all a farce, many of his fans did not understand what he wanted to say.

“This fully reflects the absurd culture of Hollywood celebrities and people who manipulate themselves to please and gain approval,” Abel explained in an interview with Variety magazine. – We observe how the character’s storyline reaches an increased level of danger and absurdity. You may have noticed that attractiveness is not as important to me as a compelling story. “

When asked if he is now in the form of his character, the singer answered mysteriously: “I have no idea. You need to ask him.”

This Sunday, The Weeknd will perform at the 2021 Super Bowl, performing its greatest hits during the halftime break. According to insiders, the performer spent millions of dollars organizing the performance, and the show itself should be the longest in history. In what image Tesfaye will appear on the stage is not specified yet.