It is assumed that this amount, together with 22 billion for the fight against COVID-19, will be included in the law on financing the government.

The White House said on Thursday that it intends to get Congress to allocate more than $32 billion to help Ukraine in its confrontation with Russia and for additional measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Of this amount, the Biden administration will allocate $ 10 billion for military and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. 22.5 billion dollars will be spent on the elimination and prevention of COVID-19

As noted in the statement of the acting Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) of the White House, Shalanda Young, the proposed allocations should become part of the budget bill on financing the U.S. government, the adoption of which is expected by March 11.

“We urge Congress to provide $22.5 billion in a timely manner to cover the costs needed today for [medical] tests, treatment and vaccines, investments in the scientific development of next–generation vaccines, and for global programs, including more vaccinations around the world,” the document says.

Young also stressed the urgent need to assist Ukraine and U.S. allies in Central Europe in the situation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

She explained that these funds will be used to train the Ukrainian military, protect the Ukrainian power supply system, strengthen cyber defense and additional sanctions against the Kremlin.