According to the White House deputy National Security adviser, the United States will continue to increase aid to Ukraine and increase the costs of Russia from waging war.

A senior White House adviser said on Friday that he was confident that Europe was determined to 100% stop importing Russian oil and gas, as Moscow continues its military aggression against Ukraine, Reuters reported, citing CNN.

“I am sure that Europe understands this, and they are determined to cut off this last source of export revenue [of the Kremlin],” Daleep Singh, deputy White House national security adviser, told CNN.

Russian oil exports, which account for about a quarter of all oil consumed by the European Union, are the main source of foreign currency for the Kremlin. Many EU countries are calling for an end to oil purchases from Russia, since in this way buyers of Russian energy resources are actually financing the war in Ukraine.

Natural gas is also an important source of income for Russia, but the ban on its export has not yet been properly discussed at the EU level due to the dependence of many countries in the bloc on gas supplies from Russia.

Singh said that the discussion on this topic is ongoing.

“It is important that they do this as soon as possible. And they did it meaningfully,” he said.

Measures to restrict Russian energy supplies to Europe should be aimed at hitting the revenues of Russian President Vladimir Putin so that they cannot be used to finance his military machine, Singh said.

“And they should be designed in such a way that most of the costs do not fall on Europe and the rest of the world. There is a conversation about this now,” the White House representative added.

In the same interview, Singh said that the United States will increase economic and military assistance to Kyiv, adapting it to the specific needs of Ukraine in connection with the ongoing war unleashed by Russia.

“We are trying to adjust our support for Ukraine on the battlefield in accordance with what is happening on the ground. This is our strategy from a military point of view. And all the [measures] that I mentioned in terms of the economic and strategic costs that we have imposed [on Russia] will be strengthened,” Singh stressed.