Biden’s National Security adviser, Jake Sullivan, presented a strategy for building relations with Russia, which the new administration will adhere to. Moscow will be held accountable for its actions. He said this at a press briefing.

“Unlike the previous administration, we intend to take steps to hold Russia accountable for the full range of malicious actions it is taking. This includes undermining American democracy, poisoning people with chemical weapons in Europe, cyber-attacks, and many other actions. We will do this in due time and in the form that we choose. And we are confident that the application of these measures and the occurrence of such consequences will affect Russia’s future behavior. Will this stop Vladimir Putin from doing what we don’t like? Of course not. But we are confident that we will be able to take an even tougher line of conduct against Russian aggression and its bad behavior,” Sullivan said, answering a question from a journalist.

However, this does not exclude the possibility that the United States will cooperate with Russia on issues of mutual interest. As an example, he cited the decision to extend the START-3 Strategic Offensive Arms Limitation Treaty.