National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters about the outcome of the summit in Geneva.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said that after the summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the United States has formed “clear guidelines” and expectations that will determine progress in bilateral relations.

Sullivan told reporters about the results of the talks between President Joe Biden and Putin, which took place on Wednesday in Geneva.

“We believe that as a result of this trip, we have developed a common strategy with our allies, as well as established some clear guidelines with Russia, some clear expectations. We also informed them of the capabilities we have if they decide not to take action against criminals who attack our critical infrastructure from Russian territory,” Sullivan said.

He noted that in his conversation with Putin, Biden directly raised some issues related to human rights, including the unfair detention of Alexei Navalny and attempts to restrict the work of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty.

“The American president should speak openly about human rights and democracy. It’s in the DNA of America,” Sullivan said.

Despite the obvious difficulties, the National Security Adviser noted that the parties managed to make some progress.

“First, the two presidents agreed that they would return their ambassadors to the capitals. Ambassador Sullivan will return to Moscow, and Ambassador Antonov will return to Washington,” Sullivan said.

According to him, the presidents also discussed the issue of locally hired employees of the US Embassy in Russia.

“President Biden emphasized that each of our countries needs well–functioning diplomatic missions in their respective capitals to manage this relationship – both in terms of the complexities and in terms of areas where we can make practical progress,” Sullivan said.

“And President Putin has indicated that he will take steps to ensure that our mission is properly staffed-whether by granting visas to Americans so they can perform these duties, or through any other adjustments and regulations in Russia,” he continued.

The adviser noted that Biden openly expressed disagreement with his Russian counterpart on some issues.

“He challenged his position on Alexei Navalny, on Americans illegally detained in Russia, on Russia’s malicious cyber activity, on election interference,” Sullivan said.

“In a number of other areas, President Biden has clearly and directly explained to President Putin what America’s expectations and capabilities are,” Sullivan said.

“He clearly and directly indicated on which issues he would stand firm and fight back against Putin,” the adviser concluded. According to him, the United States will soon understand whether progress is possible with Russia on cybersecurity, strategic stability, and arms control, as well as on regional issues such as Afghanistan, Syria, and Iran.