The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest among AI was trained on animal sounds and pop hits. The songs of the applicants turned out to be less successful – one of them called for a revolution, and the other journalists called the “hash”.

Dutch broadcaster VPRO has completed a song contest among AI, which is inspired by Eurovision. 13 teams from Europe and Australia participated in it – they trained the algorithms so that they became “new pop stars”, and experts evaluated their results. According to the BBC and Bloomberg reporters, one could hear “well-performed, and sometimes gloomy, songs that look like real ones” at the contest.

The Australian Uncanny Valley team became the winner, their song “Beautiful the World” was completely composed by AI. He was trained on pop hits and animal sounds that suffered from large-scale fires in the country. “The song has catchy pop riffs that you expect to hear at the regular Eurovision Song Contest, but meaningless lyrics,” said BBC reporters.

The second place was taken by AI from Germany, who performed the song “I’ll Marry You, Punk Come” – it was trained in acapella singing, death metal and a fake news generator (perhaps that’s why the lyrics contain the words “extinction is the only way” ) At the same time, the AI ​​song from the Netherlands “Can AI Kick it” calls for revolution, and the algorithm of the New Piano team, which was trained without pop hits and did not interfere with the operation of the algorithm, took the last place. “This song is easiest to call just a hash,” says Engadget.

“None of these songs can be presented in the charts in the near future and it is not surprising that the song contest among AI will lose its relevance when the Eurovision Song Contest resumes in 2021. Nevertheless, this is a good section of the current state of AI’s musical capabilities, ”added Engadget.