The world was predicted a big war because of the collapse of the American empire

The Economist columnist Niall Ferguson predicted a big war for the world because of the collapse of American domination in the world.

In his opinion, the United States follows the path of the British Empire, which declined in the first half of the XX century. This is evidenced by foreign policy events — the disorderly evacuation of the army from Afghanistan — and the decline of the United States economy, the columnist write.

The article notes that Washington does not have such extensive colonies as London once had, but American troops are stationed in more than 150 countries.

“It was not easy to acquire such a vast global responsibility. But to believe that it will be easier to get rid of it is a delusion,” Ferguson stressed.

He is convinced that the decline of American hegemony and the rise of China as a great world power will lead the two states to an inevitable clash in East Asia. Due to the change in the balance of power in this region, a serious military conflict will break out between Beijing and Washington for control of Taiwan. This will put the United States before a “gloomy” choice: accept the challenge and get into a long and difficult armed confrontation (like the British Empire in 1914 and 1939) or give in to China, Ferguson concluded.

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  1. Excellent. The Americans v ited for this democratic party hack and supplied incompetent party hacks.
    Best luck usa citizens.
    Glenn noble


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