The yoghurt company has partnered with cryptoart founder Brickspacer to create the world’s first NFT yoghurt.

NFT yogurt was created according to a recipe generated by a neural network. The result was several yoghurts with the taste of “a huge piece of ice that fell from the sky to the ground”, as well as “fragments falling from the fire” (punctuation and spelling of the neural network are preserved).

Next, the artist Brickspacer created a canvas that reflects the taste of yoghurt, and translated it into NFT format. Brickspacer is one of the key NFT enthusiasts: he creates works in a collaborative format and sells them on crypto platforms.

The creators of the NFT yoghurt have announced that they will give away 15 copies of the crypto-canvas over two weeks. In case of winning the competition, the rights to the digital canvas are completely transferred to the participant.

For us, a project is an opportunity to create something jointly with talented guys, whose philosophy and aesthetics we support and share. We create something cool for us and our consumers because we love it

Polina Potafeeva, EPICA Brand Manager