New smart glasses from TCL have appeared on the market. They use a waveguide micro LED display.

TCL has presented unusual smart glasses. The Thunderbird Smart Glasses Pioneer Edition uses MicroLED displays with dedicated waveguides. Their company has been developing for the last three years. The technology allows you to display a color image on transparent glass. The peculiarity of the new glasses is also that they look like the most ordinary ones and are comfortable for constant wearing.

As noted by GSMArena, the new technology sets them apart from Xiaomi’s concept smart glasses, which only have a monochrome display that also uses micro-LEDs. In both cases, the LEDs are tiny, only 4 microns in size, but the TCL team has developed a proprietary algorithm that allows Thunderbird glasses to display full color images.

The company also showed a video showing the main features of the smart glasses. They can replace a smartphone or at least its display. The user will be able to read news, view messages, check the schedule and even control the smart home. The advantage of glasses is that the display is always in front of your eyes.

TCL has not yet announced when the model will go on sale or how much it will cost.