It is assumed that it will allow accumulating free energy for up to several seasons.

A Japanese consortium Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) and the American company Magnum Development announced the launch of a joint initiative for the construction of a storage facility of renewable energy. According to the Associated Press, the project will be the largest in history and will be implemented in Utah.

Within the framework of the Advanced Clean Energy Storage (ACES) project, a system of energy storage from renewable sources will be created, designed for 1 thousand megawatts, which will allow servicing up to 150 thousand households annually. Advanced technologies for compressed air storage, high-capacity batteries and solid oxide fuel cells will be used for the development.

In the Western part of the United States, demand for electricity during the day is low, requiring storage of excess energy and negatively affecting pricing. ACES will solve these issues and accumulate free energy for up to several seasons for later use.

The Central part of Utah, where the project will be implemented, is the optimal location for the construction of an energy storage facility due to the developed transport infrastructure, extensive reserves of solar and wind energy and the presence of salt domes necessary for the use of compressed air when redirecting excess energy.