The most powerful computer chip in a trillion transistors has been created and has already broken the world speed record.

In collaboration with the US Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory, Cerebras has developed “the world’s most powerful artificial intelligence computing system.” This is an 8.5-inch chip.

According to the developers, the computer where the chip was placed ran 200 times faster than Joule’s supercomputer when simulating a power plant’s combustion.

A chip on a silicon wafer consists of 84 virtual chips and 4539 computational cores, respectively, there are 381,276 computational cores for parallel processing of mathematical processes. The cores, complete with 18GB of RAM, are connected to a Swarm switch fabric that operates at 100 petabits per second.

We can solve this problem in a time beyond the reach of any number of GPUs. This means that our design is the fastest ever built: faster than combining other processors.

Andrew Feldman, CEO of Cerebras