There are lamps that repel mosquitoes and do not emit noise or odors

The US company Tiki has created its own way to control mosquitoes without extraneous noise and smoke.

Tiki presented its outdoor lamps: they not only illuminate the surrounding area, but also create a mosquito-free protective area. The development looks like a garland with 12 lights, between which there are three suspended diffusers with repellent: no odor emanates from the structure.

One garland is designed for 3 months of work, provided that it will be turned on daily for 2.5 hours. Nevertheless, the company emphasizes that such street lamps can be used for longer. Then, if the diffuser or lamp breaks, it can be replaced.

Representatives of the brand recommend hanging the garland no more than three meters above the ground, then the diffusers will create a mosquito protection zone of 30.7 m2. Several of these strings can be used to cover more space.

With a simple switch, users will be able to turn on both repellent and light. Or use only light. Therefore, the lights can be turned on at any time of the year. It is noted that the function of repelling mosquitoes should be turned on 15 minutes before in order to completely clear the space from insects.

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