The fans did not foresee such a development of events.

The other day, the forfeits of the British royal family were puzzled by an unexpected message. The fact is that, as an insider told Us Weekly, the relationship between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton is beginning to change, and not for the worse. This news so puzzled everyone because, after the interview that Meghan and Harry gave to Oprah Winfrey, everyone thought that the two duchesses had once and for all cut off all contacts.

As it turned out, the relationship between Kate and Megan has recently begun to warm up. The starting point of this process was the birth of Megan’s daughter, Lilibet, which took place in early June. After the wife of Prince William congratulated Markle on the addition to the family, they began to exchange messages. As an experienced mother of three children, including 6-year-old Princess Charlotte, Kate generously shares with Meghan tips on caring for the baby and raising her. In addition, Middleton has already sent Markle gifts for her daughter several times. Moreover, according to the insider, the two duchesses are now considering the possibility of finding a charity project on which they could work together.