The relationship of 41-year-old Nicole Scherzinger and 35-year-old former rugby player Thom Evans is developing and gaining strength – the lovers passed the self-isolation period, and the athlete introduced his girlfriend to his parents. Tom and Nicole visited them in Portugal, celebrating Father’s Day there. Thom shared a picture from the trip on his Instagram.

Evans and Scherzinger first met in October last year on the set of the X-Factor talent show, where he was a participant, and she was on the team of judges. Rumors about the romance of stars crawled quickly, and the lovers did not keep the press in the dark for a long time – at the beginning of 2020, they confirmed their relationship.

By the way, Nicole already introduced Thom to her parents – they celebrated Christmas with her relatives. During the pandemic, Evans and Scherzinger also did not part, periodically entertaining their followers on Instagram with funny joint videos.