The strongest downpours in more than 40 years in Costa Rica caused landslides, flooding, and interruptions in water and electricity supply, more than three thousand people were accommodated in temporary shelters.

“More than 3.2 thousand people are in 58 shelters. The food supply is coordinated jointly with the air surveillance service. It is expected that the rains will continue with less intensity, and therefore a state of high alert remains,” President Carlos Alvarado Quesada wrote on Twitter.

According to rescuers of Costa Rica, the main damage was caused by precipitation to residents of the Caribbean zone of the country, in the north, in Sarapiqui, Turrialba, and Jimenez.

After a month and a half of precipitation fell on the territory of the country in 48 hours, rescuers registered more than 2,769 events, such as landslides, road collapses, and flooding. Damage estimates, as well as information about the victims or the dead, are not provided.