TikTok and Twitter have posted videos of users making snowballs and bringing them to the fire. Contrary to expectations, the snow does not melt and water does not drip from it. Consequently, the snow is not real, but, of course, Bill Gates is to blame, says dev.by with reference to Gizmodo.

The authors of such videos observe a widespread physical phenomenon called sublimation, when snow passes from a solid-state to a gaseous state, bypassing liquid. This process is especially intense when exposed to sunlight.

In another video, a woman put a piece of snow in the microwave to prove that the snow is fake and contains metal as it starts to spark. The desired reaction did not work, but this did not dissuade the woman.

According to the publication, such videos are gaining thousands of views on social networks. Conspiracy theories about snow have been around for a long time: for example, this video explaining sublimation dates back to 2014.

The new wave of suspicion may have two reasons. First, a blizzard and ice storm are completely atypical for the state of Texas. Some people saw snow for the first time in their lives and are not familiar with its properties, so many questions arise.

Secondly, Bill Gates, to whom the conspirators attribute all sorts of sins from a pandemic to secretly chipping the world’s population with vaccines. Earlier, Microsoft’s co-founder proposed to spray calcium carbonate over a small area in the atmosphere to combat global warming. As planned, the particles of the substance will reflect the sun’s rays into space, which will help reduce the Earth’s temperature.