The court previously ordered to accept a lump sum payment from a Russian businessman as part of an agreement in the case of non-payment of taxes.

Russian businessman Oleg Tinkov has paid the U.S. authorities $448.96 million in a case of violation of U.S. tax laws. The relevant document is posted in the electronic database of the Court of the Northern District of California.

Earlier, the court ordered to accept a one-time payment of $448,957,108 from Russian businessman Oleg Tinkov as part of an agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice in the case of non-payment of taxes. “A check for $448,957,108 from Oleg Tinkov,” the court database states. The payment was made using the federal automated money transfer system of the USA Fedwire.

This fall, a Russian businessman reached an agreement to settle a tax evasion case with the authorities in the United States, pleading guilty to one of the charges against him. His lawyer Christopher Morvillo said he was ready to begin the process of paying compensation for $ 506 million. This amount is not a fine as a punishment for a crime – the court will issue a verdict separately on October 29. A businessman may be ordered to additionally pay a fine of up to $ 250 thousand and spend a year under supervision.