Boeing conducted about 100 flight tests of the improved auxiliary maneuvering system MCAS (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System), the failure of which preceded the crash of the 737 MAX series aircraft in Ethiopia. This was reported by Boeing CEO Dennis Melenberg, speaking at the presidential library of George Bush Sr. in Dallas (Texas).

“Our engineers and technicians have worked tirelessly with the US Federal aviation administration and customers to complete and install the software update. It should ensure that such incidents are no longer repeated”, the wall Street Journal quoted Mellenberg as saying. He did not specify when the MCAS update is planned to be implemented to be certified and resume 737 MAX flights.

Representatives of Boeing in March announced the temporary cessation of supply of aircraft 737 MAX, and later — the reduction from mid-April production of liners of this model. Such measures in the company went after the Federal aviation administration of the United States ordered to suspend the flights of Boeing 737 MAX in American airspace. Boeing CEO Dennis Molenberg in early April, admitted that the two planes of the 737 MAX has failed in the work of the MCAS before they crashed.