Mission: Impossible movie star Tom Cruise spotted a new girlfriend who is 20 years younger than him. Together with his chosen one, Cruise came to the Wimbledon tournament, where he practically did not hide his feelings.

After the divorce from Katie Holmes, Cruise was repeatedly attributed to various novels, but none of them was later confirmed. Now Tom seems to be really happy. We are talking about a colleague of Cruise on stage – actress Hayley Atwell. The lovers did not hesitate to pose for the camera, and when the paparazzi began to secretly shoot them, Cruz and Atwell were practically not encrypted.

According to foreign press reports, close communication between Tom and Haley began on the set of the seventh part of the film, where the couple began to spend all their free time together. The lovers were in no hurry to make official statements.

“Isolation and all the difficulties associated with it brought them closer together, and they became practically inseparable. They are noticed together not only on the set, but also near his hotel in London. They get along very well, both seem to be very happy,” says a USWeekly insider.

In total, Cruise was married three times, but none of these marriages led to “happily ever after”.