Today’s high standards of writing have put students in a horrible zone of writing. The professors use online apps and sites to check out assignments. Hence, time demands that students should also use learning apps. Below are given 5 top education apps and websites to meet the writing requirements 2020.

Comfortable Resources for Your Education Management


Zoom is a current video conferencing software app to help students establish disruption-free virtual interactions. Countless people are getting benefit from this app across the world. With Zoom, they are maintaining business workflow, creating exceptional academic assignments, and merging ideas. If you want to shine above other students in your college or university, Zoom is one of the best free educational applications. You can also go with a premier membership plan with enhanced advantages. All you need to work with zoom and get A+ with the downloaded Zoom app is a webcam. Then, you can virtually interact with other students, and professors create excellent assignments.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a free website assisting students throughout the world. It assimilates students’ G Suite for Education account by the integration of all G Suite services. If you become a part of Google Classroom, your Google Mail Account, Google Docs, and Google Calendar get integrated. It is a highly convenient, economical, and easily accessible study website for students to create the best assignments. They can save time and exchange ideas in a quickly established virtual classroom. The assignment distribution, communication, and organization become easier for both professors and students. Moreover, the professors can discuss papers and results in Google Classroom, saving time, and fuel.

Helping Resources

Microsoft Math Solver

Mathematical calculating

Microsoft Math solver is one of the free educational applications, particularly for math students. Suppose you are unable to solve a math question. In a panic situation, somebody asks you to write the question on a screen. You do so, and the solved answer appears in front of you. Sounds exciting? Then, get excited to take help from an online assistant in your math problems. The app, using an Al powered question solver, solves a range of questions involving;

  • Algebra
  • Arithmetic
  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • Trigonometry
  • And others.

The only thing you need to do is write the question on the screen. Besides, it also recognizes camera snaps to solve a math problem.

Rocket Essay

Perfect essay is the most reliable and professional service on the internet. It has designed a team of professional writers of all educational categories. You can also get free samples to check out the quality and standard of the writers. Another plus point of this writing company is that they deliver your order within time. Thereby, hiring writers releases the nightmarish horrors of deadline along with the stress of paper crafting. From research to proofreading, the writers can do everything for you. Whether you are a terrible writer or a busy student, get help from Rocket Essay. This writing service can become your right hand for a fraction of the price.

Free Courses


In the current economic world and educational complexities, certifications and aptitudes play a vital role in building a professional career. However, today’s students have become a herculean task to complete courses and certify skills even through educational websites. The primary reasons behind this lack of interest are the increase in academic price and shortage of time. Udemy has come out as a solution to all these educational problems landing the students on a convenient online platform. The students on Udemy can take online courses anywhere and anytime. Signing up Udemy opens vistas to a world of education courses at cheaper rates and greater variety.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is from the category of top education apps and websites. It provides practices through exercises. Besides, the instructional clips and a customized education dashboard help students study in a compatible environment. All types of students can join Khan Academy, as they tackle;

  • Math
  • Computer science
  • History
  • Fine arts
  • Science
  • Economics
  • Literature
  • And others.

Resume Services


Resume crafting is a hard nut to crack, particularly for students with no experience. They have to deal with many difficult points under the stress of losing their targeted job. Fortunately, several cheap resume writing services  have excellently solved the problem. Hiring them, you can get a resume, which is essentially the key to success in the job request. Just place your order, instruct them thoroughly, provide essential details, and wait for a professional CV for the desired job.

Programming Courses


SoloLearn is a chain of best educational apps. The learners, particularly, beginners can learn a range of programming languages and master the concepts. SoloLearn features short lectures, lesson codes, and quiz following every lesson. If your selected area of qualification is programming, SoloLearn will make it highly simpler and more comfortable for you. Another best thing about this application is that it is free downloaded by Google Play and App Store. Additionally, you can also get free access to SoloLearn online courses without application.


Coursera is one of the best free apps and online academic resources for online courses from famous global universities. This platform has a vibrant collection of around four thousand education courses created by top institutions. Coursera comprises pre-recorded lessons in video clips, and you can learn these lectures every week. The happy news is that they grant certificates to the customers at the end. Apart from this, they boast discussion forums, writing assignments, examinations, and quiz programs. All in all, Coursera is one of the best online education platforms to pacify the passion of learners around the world.

Diploma Helping Services

A diploma is key to a bright professional career. Nevertheless, it is never easy to meet the assignment requirements by the professor to get A+. Sometimes, the students are positively busy in part-time jobs and other academic works. On the other hand, there is a variety of students who cannot write fluent English. Fret Not! You can go through this stressful period of assignment creation quite smoothly with custom writing services. These cheap essay writing services are online platforms to receive your orders and deliver them within time. By quality essays, they guarantee your success in diploma.


Finally, it is a set of only a few thousands of marvelous online free educational apps and websites. All of them have an identical aim to promote educational standards and scope across the globe. Furthermore, they help the students build their educational and professional career conveniently, smoothly, and affordably.