There is an endless variety of movies and tv shows available on Netflix and other platforms. There are so many different movies, and tv shows that it becomes difficult to decide which one is better. You can find all genres, and it comes down to a strong theme and storyline. Let us look at some of the TVs that show that you must watch at least one.

Sex education

As a student or a teen, serious shows are not your cup of tea. You gravitate more towards a series, which is a blend of drama and comedy. Such stories keep you hooked, and you rarely get bored with them. This Netflix sex education series is about a bunch of kids in Moordale High. It talks about their everyday lives, sexual journies, and love life. It discusses some significant themes but does not let go of the comedy to keep things light. This series is exclusively on Netflix, which means that you do not have to worry about its availability in different places, as anyone with a Netflix account can have access to the series. Its popularity can be evident because its third season is on the way to release, which will spice up the events even further. Balance your studies and movie time and buy college essays online when you have to binge-watch the season and complete your college essay overnight.

To all the boys I have loved before

This film is about a young girl who writes letters to all the boys she likes. They are five in total, but she does not send letters to anyone. Finally, those letters somehow make their way to the recipient, and the girl Lara Jean loses her mind when she finds about this. The movie is a combination of humor, wit, and charm, making it ideal for young students and teens. You also learn to make quick decisions and tackle any situation you get in at college. For instance, if you have to write an essay and run short on time, you will act smartly and tackle the situation. You would have given up under normal circumstances, but after watching the movie, you realize if one door closes, another one opens. You will ask online experts to write my essay and get your work under control.

See you yesterday

Spike Lee came up with this beautiful work. It is an exciting science fiction in which three young people try to get hold of the phenomenon of time travel. Not only do they succeed, but they use that to save an older brother’s life who gets hit by police. The movie is filled with excitement, suspense, and drama and gives the viewer that adrenalin rush to make his experience wholesome. This movie is extraordinary, especially in the days when the Black lives matter movement is at its peak. This movie is essential for the young generation like teenage students. It shows how such situations can arise where you have to think quickly and act quickly. If you don’t do so, it shows what impact those decisions can make on the future. You also know how essential teamwork is and that you can achieve nothing without it.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

If you know about this movie, you know that Sabrina has a different fanbase. The latest part has even bigger plot twists, and the latest parts are even more spine-tingling due to the horror. Sabrina has a hard time leading her mortal and witch life with balance. Its final season is yet to come, but the rest of the movie is a must-watch if you are looking for fantasy, excitement, drama, and slight comedy. This movie is an all-rounder as it also falls in the category of teen romance movies on Netflix. This movie teaches students that anything is possible if you put your heart and soul to make it happen. As a student, you should never give up and always study hard and give in your effort. You will also see your hard work paying off, just like Sabrina.

Stranger Things

This series is one of the best teen movies on Netflix. It is based on science fiction and is popular among most of the population. The Duff Brothers, while creating the series, got inspiration from Stephen King and Spielberg. This means that the movie’s basis is around the ’80s except that some advances are made—for instance, the costumes, soundtrack, and modernizing general designing of this production.

Warrior Nun

This year the Warrior Nun came out, and it focuses more on fantasy. Its fanbase is mostly people who like fantasy movies that have less or no connection with realism. This series is about an orphan girl who dies but then wakes up at the morgue. Here a clan of evil-fighting nuns has chosen her by making her the halo bearer. She will fight evil with them to keep a balance between the laws of nature. It is far from boring and even includes a little comedy. She is now a nun with possession of some fantastic superpowers that she must learn to use. These superpowers will help her fight with dark spirits and evil forces in nature.

Half of it

Half of it

This is one of the teen movies on Netflix, which is slightly different from the rest movies. This Netflix original is filmed in a small town and has a cozy vibe. The main girl Ellie chu is an introvert who runs a small business by providing essay writing services. She writes letters on behalf of Paul who is a boy in the class those are not just ordinary letters but, in fact, love letters to Aster. The complication starts when Ellie chu realizes that she too has a crush on the same girl Aster. It is a cute mixture of comedy and romance, and it gets interesting as the events unfold. The movie revolves around the central idea of never being shy to show who is, stay confident, and do not let opportunities slip away make use of every moment. This movie motivates you and teaches you the importance of timely decisions.


This was just the tip of the iceberg. If you surf the internet, you will realize that there are many other best movies for students and teens. In the end, it doesn’t matter how many inspirational movies you see. It eventually depends on you about the way you will lead your life and decide to pick something positive from the movies.

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