Touch panels of smart systems in cars reduce driving quality. About it writes New Atlas with reference to a study by IAM RoadSmart.

The smart systems and screens of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in the car significantly reduce the driver’s focus on the road compared to a regular smartphone. This conclusion was made by IAM RoadSmart experts as a result of their study, in which they placed 20 Apple Carplay users and 20 Android Auto users in a motion simulator.

All drivers drove the test route three times. The movement was divided into three parts – ordinary car traffic, motorway driving and the circular eight. For the first time, they drove without infotainment systems in the car. During the second test, users also needed to use music in the cabin, voice dialing, and calls to other people. During the third test, the user performed all the tasks, plus interacted with smart panels Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

It turned out that the reaction time of people who used Apple CarPlay or Android Auto while driving turned out to be 57% worse than the control group. In addition, the use of voice commands to the smartphone also reduced the level of reaction – but by 36%.

When using the entertainment features, it was more difficult for drivers to maintain a constant speed and the same distance with other cars.