According to the Global Times newspaper, it was for this purpose that the U.S. president used the term “genocide” regarding the situation in Ukraine.

The U.S. President Joe Biden is using harsh rhetoric against Russia to distract attention from the problems in the American economy and maintain his rating. This opinion is given in an editorial published on Thursday by the Chinese newspaper Global Times.

In particular, for this purpose, the publication believes, he used the term “genocide” regarding the situation in Ukraine. “Biden dropped the term “genocide” lightly and casually, without hard evidence. <…> Being criticized about the inefficiency and incompetence of his administration in the management of the United States, Biden hung an ambiguous label on Russia in order to distract people’s attention from the stagnant U.S. economy,” the newspaper writes, adding that in this way “he was trying to save his rating and political career.”

As noted in the article, the United States has resorted to this method not for the first time. Shortly before the Ukrainian crisis, the United States declared “genocide” in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, accusing the Chinese authorities.

According to Professor Shen Yi of Fudan University, whose words are quoted in the article, the use of the term “genocide” has become a tool for the United States to achieve its political goals, and “few people would take it [such statements] seriously now.” “The United States has never been the personification of justice; their respective formulations are not sacred. Whether there is genocide, it is necessary to determine on the basis of facts, and not on the basis of what the United States will say,” he concluded.