The new Tready robot uses four limbs to move on the ground, overcome obstacles and even swim.

The Tready robot, from Pittsburgh-based HEBI Robotics, is built for exploration and research. Despite its funny looks, this bot is a solid machine that can navigate the most difficult terrain thanks to its tread fins. They can remain horizontal or move up and down. It all depends on the area that they have to explore.

Individual control over four fins means the bot can easily climb or descend stairs, overcome various obstacles and narrow spaces, and walk on the most uneven and uneven terrain. He even swims, maneuvering in the water.

The Tready consists of a central rectangular body with four individually adjustable movable legs. Each of them has a pivoting rubber protector at the end. These fins can remain horizontal as the robot moves on relatively level ground, moving slightly up and down to follow the contours of the terrain.

However, if Tready hits an obstacle, such as a fallen log or a large rock, he raises his front flippers to the top of the object, using them to climb.