A student from the U.S., convicted of assaulting police officers in Moscow, had previously gone on hunger strike because he had not been tested for tuberculosis.

A student from the USA, Trevor Reed, convicted of attacking police officers in the north of Moscow, was placed in the medical unit of the Mordovian colony after declaring a hunger strike. This was reported by his lawyer Victoria Buklova.

“Trevor Reed was placed in the colony’s medical unit after he went on a hunger strike,” she said, noting that she does not yet have detailed information about the defendant’s health status. Earlier it was reported that Reed went on a hunger strike because he was not tested for tuberculosis.

In August 2019, Reed attacked police officers who arrived after a complaint from residents of a house on Leningradskoye Highway in Moscow about an intoxicated man who had arranged a quarrel with several women. When he was taken to the police station in the car, he attacked the driver and his partner. The American did not admit guilt.

The Golovinsky court of Moscow last summer found him guilty under Part 2 of Article 318 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (the use of violence dangerous to life or health to a representative of the authorities) and appointed 9 years in a penal colony, collecting 300 thousand rubles in favor of the injured police officers. The Moscow City Court later upheld the verdict. The Court of Cassation will consider Reed’s appeal against the verdict on April 12.