The actions are planned in these cities, as they are the government offices of the regions.

Protests against coronavirus restrictions initiated by Canadian truckers may take place over the weekend in two more major cities: Toronto (Ontario) and Quebec City (Quebec province). This was announced by the CTV channel.

The actions are planned in these cities, since government offices of these regions are located in them. The Quebec authorities have already stated that they are not against the protest if it takes place peacefully and within the framework of the law. Toronto Mayor John Tory said that the local police intend to take all necessary measures to prevent the blocking of the central part of the metropolis by protesters, as happened in Ottawa.

A large-scale protest against coronavirus restrictions, initiated by Canadian truckers, began in Ottawa on January 29 and is still taking place. Since Monday, drivers of several hundred trucks and their support groups have mostly been in the city center, as many of those who came to the rally over the weekend have gone to work. The action takes place peacefully. Traffic in the central part of the city is almost paralyzed, the passage is open only for special vehicles.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family left his residence in the capital on January 29 for security reasons and on Monday announced that he had contracted coronavirus. Earlier, the prime minister said that he did not intend to enter into negotiations with the protesters in Ottawa, calling them a marginal minority. In total, from 5 to 18 thousand people participated in the demonstrations on different days, according to the police. The police said that the number of participants in the rally will increase significantly over the weekend, as even more trucks are moving to the capital.