Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is running for President, is buying the right to become the Democratic presidential candidate in the election that will be held in November this year. The American leader Donald Trump on his Twitter page published the corresponding message.

He again called the billionaire “mini-Mike.” “Mini is illegally buying the right to become a Democratic presidential candidate,” the President said. Trump accused Bloomberg of “illegal large-scale donations to his campaign.”

“He “sprays” money in all directions just so that the recipients of his cash payments — many former opponents-are happy to join his election campaign or support it. Isn’t that called bribery?”- says the head of the Washington administration.

According to him, the leadership of the Democratic Party, as in the 2016 election, will not allow Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders to become a candidate for the post of head of state. “Mini-Mike, the right to nominate a candidate for the post of President from the main US parties is not for sale! Good luck in the TV debates that will take place on Wednesday evening, and remember, don’t stand on boxes!”- concluded Trump.

Bloomberg entered the US election race in November 2019. He has repeatedly stated that he is ready to spend significant funds on publishing campaign materials. According to the latest Forbes estimates, the former mayor’s fortune reaches almost $ 63 billion.

In 2016, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders sought the Democratic nomination and was considered Hillary Clinton’s main rival in the race. He eventually lost the palm to the former Secretary of state under scandalous circumstances.