WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump is not ready to lose the US presidential election in 2020. He said this in an interview with NBC.

When asked by a journalist whether he is ready to give in to other candidates in the election, Trump admitted that “probably not ready,” although he noted that he “would be much easier to answer: “Oh Yes.”

“I don’t like to lose, I haven’t lost much in my life,” he explained his answer.

Answering the question where he succeeded more — in business or presidency, trump stressed that he was elected only once, and expressed a desire to become the head of state again.

Moreover, in an interview, the American leader called his rival in the 2016 election Hillary Clinton a more “brutal opponent” than the current democratic candidate and former US Vice President Joe Biden.

“Hillary Clinton was a great candidate. She was very intelligent. She was really cool. She was ruthless and vicious,” Trump said. Joe Biden, in turn, he called “sleepy.”

At the end of April, Joe Biden, who announced his intention to participate in the presidential election in 2020, Trump surpassed in popularity by 6%.