According to the author of the German publication Focus Sandra Ward, the activities of Donald Trump and his three older children in the Trump Organization may become the subject of criminal prosecution.

According to her, it is likely that Donald Trump may be given a prison sentence as part of this case.

“Only the presidency saves Donald Trump from prison or ruin,” the author quotes the American historian Timothy Snyder.

At the same time, the American media are increasingly predicting the imminent imprisonment of the three children of the current head of state — Ivanka, Donald, and Eric. They may be involved in financial and tax violations at the Trump Organization.

The other day, Ivanka Trump accused the Democratic Party of political harassment after the New York Supreme Court announced the expansion of the investigation of tax violations in the company of the President’s family.

Ivanka is most involved in the activities of the Trump Foundation. She received $ 750,000 from her father as a “fee” for the services of a “consultant,” which caused New York prosecutors to suspect the President of trying to evade taxes. Also, Trump was suspected of bribing Playboy model Karen McDougal.

In 2012, Trump’s children Ivanka and Donald almost went on trial in a fraud case. They could be accused of inflating the prices of apartments in the Trump Soho Tower. It is noteworthy that then the trump family donated 25 thousand dollars to the campaign for the prosecutor’s re-election.

Now, more than a dozen investigations are underway against the Trump family. In the coming years, the current head of state will have to pay off a debt of more than $ 300 million to foreign creditors, including Deutsche Bank. According to the Financial Times, Trump’s debt reaches $ 900 million, and Forbes reports millions of tax authorities’ obligations. The current President’s business is also suffering heavy losses due to the pandemic, the article says.