WASHINGTON – “Next week, US immigration and customs police will begin the process of deporting millions of illegal aliens who illegally entered the United States,” Trump wrote. “They will be sent as quickly as they came,” he added.

Trump also announced Guatemala’s readiness to sign an agreement on asylum for third-country nationals. This agreement provides for the asylum of migrants in the country of their first entry.

The head of the White House welcomed the tightening of immigration laws by the Mexican authorities, whose actions in this area he recently criticized. The American leader once again urged Democrats in the US Congress to vote for immigration reform in the country. “If this happens [approval of the reform], the border crisis will soon be over!”— said the head of state.

Earlier, Deputy Minister of the interior of Mexico for migration and human rights Alejandro Encinas said that about 50 thousand migrants hoping to get asylum in the United States, can be sent to the territory of this Latin American country in the next few months. Foreigners will stay in Mexico while the US authorities will consider their documents, according to the agreements reached by Mexico City and Washington.

In accordance with the agreement concluded in Washington on June 7, Mexico will take measures to stop illegal immigration to the United States. To this end, the authorities of the Republic will place units of its National Guard on the southern border, as well as the fight against organizations engaged in human trafficking.

Trump on May 30 threatened from June 10 to impose duties of 5% on goods from Mexico in connection with the migration crisis on the common border. He warned that tariffs will grow by 5% every month until October this year. After the representatives of the two countries managed to agree, the head of the White House said that the introduction of customs duties on Mexican products was suspended indefinitely.