The leaders of the two countries agreed to establish a group of negotiators. According to Trump, the members of this group will start working in the coming weeks.

Washington and Pyongyang will create a group of negotiators who will be authorized to discuss the process of denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. Such a statement, US President Donald Trump made after the meeting with the head of North Korea Kim Jong-un, reports CNN.

“We agreed that each of us will appoint a team. The teams will try to work out some details,” Trump said, adding that the negotiators will start working within two to three weeks.

According to him, the US team will be headed by the current us special representative for North Korea Stephen Bigun. “Good luck, Steve,” Trump wished.

He also stressed that the US speed is not the goal of negotiations. “Speed is not our goal. We want to understand whether we can achieve a really comprehensive, good deal,” Trump said.

The US President also said that the sanctions imposed by the US against Pyongyang remain in force. “I would like to remove it, but so far it remains in force,” he said.