US President Donald Trump announced the transition to “telephone rallies” instead of the usual meetings at stadiums because of the coronavirus, reports CNN.

“Until this is resolved, it will be difficult for us to hold these large mass rallies, so I am holding phone rallies, and we will call them trump rallies, but we will do it over the phone,” he told his Wisconsin voters during such an event.

Trump is known for his love of personal meetings with voters. Still, against the background of the coronavirus pandemic, he became the object of criticism, as, at a couple of such events, people did not observe the recommended distance, and almost no one wore a mask.

Earlier it was reported that the US Republican party decided to limit the number of participants at the Convention in Jacksonville, Florida, where trump must formally agree to nominate his presidential candidacy amid the second coronavirus outbreak.

The Democratic candidate for the upcoming presidential election, former Vice President Joe Biden, also previously refused to hold campaign rallies.