Former U.S. President Donald Trump challenged the court’s decision, which required the accounting company Mazars to provide some of the financial documents of the politician to the House of Representatives committee.

As it was reported the day before, the court demanded that the company Mazars disclose part of the requested documents. The court initially allowed the House Oversight and Reform Committee to request Trump’s financial documents. Still, taking into account the firm’s request, it did not open access to all the papers, as indicated in the materials, but only to “related to the circumstances under consideration.” The committee will not receive a warrant to disclose Trump’s personal and corporate financial records, the documents say. The court’s decision says that the powers of Congress allow lawmakers to access Trump’s tax returns for 2017 and 2018.

Trump, in turn, filed an appeal against this decision. The document posted in the judicial database lists the applicants and briefly informs that Trump “will appeal the court’s decision.”

Trump’s financial documents, primarily his tax returns, became the subject of intrigue during the 2016 election campaign. In contrast to the established practice, Trump did not make public information about his financial affairs, referring to the fact that his business and declarations are being financially audited.