The former U.S. president also noted that he is not going to fight for Ukraine, because “they have to stand up for themselves.”

Former U.S. President Donald Trump believes that his administration has managed to establish good relations with the leadership of Russia and China. He expressed this opinion in an interview with Fox News.

“If you look at Russia, it did not pose a threat,” the Republican said. “When I was there [in the White House], we got along well with Russia.” “I imposed sanctions on Russia like no one before me, I put an end to the [“Nord Stream-2″] pipeline,” he claimed.

Speaking about relations with Moscow, Trump also mentioned Ukraine, noting that he “said something” to the leadership in Kyiv. “I’m not going to fight for Ukraine – they have to stand up for themselves,” he said.

“Look at China: When I was on duty, there were no bombers flying over Taiwan. Chairman of the [PRC] Xi [Jinping] understood that he could not do this,” the former American leader continued. “I got along well with both President Xi and President [of the Russian Federation Vladimir] Putin and this is good,” he concluded.