According to the ex-president, there is “large-scale evidence” of this.

Former U.S. Republican President Donald Trump believes that an investigation should be conducted into “fraud” in the presidential elections on November 3, 2020, otherwise the United States “will never have a free democracy.” He expressed this opinion, speaking to supporters in Arizona.

“Why are they (a special committee of the House of Representatives of the Congress to investigate riots on the Capitol grounds on January 6, 2021) do not investigate November 3 [2020] – falsified and stolen elections. If we don’t get to the bottom [of the truth], then we will never have a fair and free democracy. Why aren’t they watching it?” Trump noted.

According to him, there is “large-scale evidence” of this. “Americans deserve answers. <…> The rally on January 6 was a protest against unfair elections,” the Republican is convinced.