According to the former U.S. president, Russia is not going to stop achieving its goals in Ukraine.

The crisis over Ukraine could escalate into a World War III. This opinion was expressed on Saturday by former U.S. President Donald Trump, speaking to his supporters in Florence (South Carolina), broadcast on the Newsmax TV channel.

“This could lead to a World War III, I see what is happening,” he said.

In his opinion, Russia is “not going to stop” in achieving its goals due to the fact that among the current American administration “no one can talk” with the Russian leadership, in particular with President Vladimir Putin.

According to Trump, “the United States should make it clear to Putin that he has only two choices – to immediately start peace talks or face lightning consequences, including the elimination of the West’s dependence on Russian energy carriers.”

The former U.S. president believes that representatives of the Republican Party will regain power in the presidential elections in 2024.

“This year we are going to regain the House of Representatives and the Senate [of the U.S. Congress], and in 2024 we will regain the beautiful White House,” he said.

Trump did not directly state that he was going to run personally, but said that he “won twice” and “now we may have to run again.”