According to the former American president, the United States had to “beg for mercy” OPEC and Russia.

Former U.S. Republican President Donald Trump claims that the current American leadership has lost the country’s energy independence and had to “beg for mercy” from OPEC and Russia. The former head of the White House spoke to his supporters in Nebraska.

“You can take together the five worst presidents in American history, <…”they couldn’t do the damage that [U.S. President] Joe Biden did to our country in just 16 months,” Trump said. “16 months – think about the damage that was done.”

“This is a complete failure, a huge failure. Pay attention to the facts, – said the former head of the White House. – <…> $8 per gallon of gasoline in some places. I have achieved what some thought was completely impossible. We were non-volatile, can you imagine that?”

In his opinion, the current U.S. administration has lost its dominance in the energy sector. “They begged for mercy from OPEC, Russia, Venezuela and Iran,” Trump said.