The former U.S. president recalled that after the statements of the head of state, representatives of his administration “always get better four times.”

The reservations and inaccuracies that abound in the public speeches of U.S. President Joe Biden are offensive. This point of view was expressed by the former head of the White House, Donald Trump.

“Regarding the fact that he gives a press conference, and then they [representatives of the American administration] always get better four times <…>. Actually, it’s insulting,” the ex-president said, speaking at a rally of his supporters in Michigan.

Earlier, a journalist of The Wall Street Journal, James Freeman, in an author’s article, expressed the opinion that Biden should refrain from unprepared comments in the current crisis, in which he often admits inaccuracies and reservations.

During a visit to Warsaw on March 26, the head of the Washington administration, speaking about Russian President Vladimir Putin, made the statement that “this man cannot remain in power.” The White House subsequently assured that Biden did not call for a change of power in the Russian Federation. The press secretary of the Russian leader Dmitry Peskov, in turn, said that it is not for the U.S. president to decide who will be in power in the Russian Federation.