The former U.S. president asked the former head of the National Trade Council at the White House, Peter Navarro, not to allow Democrats to discredit the achievements of his administration.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump called a “witch hunt” the investigation of U.S. lawmakers establishing whether his administration made mistakes in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. The corresponding statement was distributed by the press service of the politician.

“The Communist Democrats have launched another witch hunt, this time they are interested in the unprecedented and amazing efforts of my administration to combat the coronavirus, despite the fact that, unfortunately, more Americans have died from COVID over the past year than in the whole of 2020,” the Republican said.

According to Trump, he asked the former head of the National Trade Council at the White House, Peter Navarro, “not to allow deranged Democrats to discredit the achievements” of his administration. “The witch hunt needs to end,” Trump pointed out.

Last Thursday, the newspaper Politico reported that a committee of the House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress sent Navarro a subpoena in order to receive from him by December 15 documents and information on the actions of the Trump administration in the context of the pandemic. The publication does not specify which documents Navarro has are of interest to congressmen. Members of the committee had previously argued that Navarro could have given inappropriate recommendations to the White House regarding the purchase of medical supplies during the pandemic.

This committee was established last year. The lawmakers included in it are finding out whether the Trump administration made serious mistakes when taking measures to combat the pandemic, whether it followed the recommendations of experts.