American President Donald Trump believes that the United States could be interested in acquiring Greenland, which is a territory within the Kingdom of Denmark and has the rights of broad autonomy. The corresponding statement was made by the American leader at a press conference in New Jersey, the broadcast was conducted by CNN.

Commenting on the publication of the newspaper The Wall Street Journal regarding the fact that he discussed this topic with advisers, Trump said: “We talked about it. Greenland belongs to Denmark.” He noted that the United States and Denmark have allied relations. “We protect Denmark, as well as a significant part of the world,” Trump stressed.

“The idea was mentioned, and I said that, of course, from a strategic point of view, it would be interesting. We would be interested in it,” the American leader explained. “We’ll have a little talk with them about it,” Trump added, without specifying who he means: the Danish authorities or his advisers. The US President noted that the issue of the possibility of the US authorities acquiring Greenland, in his opinion, “is not a priority.”

“A lot of things can be done. At its core, this is a major transaction for the acquisition of real estate,” Trump said. He made a statement that Denmark has considerable financial losses because the Kingdom of Denmark includes Greenland. According to the head of the White House, Denmark loses because of this “almost $ 700 million annually.”

Trump said that soon, probably, will visit Denmark. “It is not for this reason, — he stressed. — But we’re considering it.”

The authorities of Greenland and Denmark in the light of the wall Street Journal said that Greenland is interested in cooperation with the United States, but not for sale.