The U.S. President Joe Biden will lead the country to hell. This statement was made by the former American leader Donald Trump.

Biden, concluding his speech in the city of Seattle, again extended his hand for a handshake to nowhere. A similar episode occurred a week ago. After finishing his speech in the state of North Carolina on infrastructure reform, he turned his back to the stage and extended his hand for a handshake, although there was no one near the president.

“The fact is that the elections were fraudulent, stolen. And now our country is being destroyed. The country is being destroyed; the country is going to hell. There has never been anything like this,” Trump said at a rally of supporters in Delaware County, Ohio.

The reason for what is happening, according to Trump, is the current American leader. “Unfortunately, we have a president who absolutely does not understand what is happening. He shakes hands with the air, walks around confused,” Trump said, probably alluding to two recent episodes when Biden, at the end of the event, stretched out his hand as if to shake hands when there was no one in front of him.

The cognitive abilities of the President of the United States of America Joe Biden have deteriorated to such an extent that they have become a “national security problem,” former White House doctor, member of the House of Representatives Ronny Jackson said in an interview with the One America News channel.

According to him, recently the head of state has been demonstrating not quite adequate behavior. He noted that in the current situation, when there is a risk of a full-scale conflict with Russia, the American leader should be clearly aware of what is happening.

Biden was repeatedly recommended to be examined: in early February, when the president insulted a journalist, almost 40 Republican congressmen sent a letter with such a request. In June last year, Jackson, along with 13 members of the House of Representatives, also urged the president not to delay the cognitive abilities test, arguing that brain disorders and forgetfulness of the American leader have become more noticeable.