The President stressed that Bernie Sanders “has energy” and that “people like the program” put forward by the Senator.

President Donald Trump believes that Senator Bernie Sanders is currently the main contender for the Democratic presidential election. Trump said this while talking to reporters after talks with Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno Garces.

Answering a reporter’s question about who is the main contender for the democratic presidential election, Trump said: “a Good question. I would say it looks like Bernie [Sanders] is doing very well.”

After the journalist asked a clarifying question about the reasons for Sanders ‘popularity grows, the President suggested that “people like the program” that the Senator offers.

“People like his ideas, he has energy, and his people have energy… they like his ideas… Many people don’t like this particular program, but there is a group [of people] who probably agree with it (with the Sanders – GA ideas)… But it seems that right now Bernie Sanders has an advantage,” Trump said.